CHDA and EPA have been chosen by The African World Heritage Fund (AWHF) as strategic Partners to work with in the implementation of the objectives of the World Heritage Convention that seeks to protect world cultural and natural Heritage Sites.

The program that runs beginning September 2016 and ends by April 2020 has African Heritage practitioners as its primary target audience, although it will also incorporate participants representing States Parties and Sites associated communities. It will be run in close collaboration and with the support and participation of the Advisory Bodies:  ICOMOS, IUCN and ICCROM.


The Global Objective for the program is to Contribute to a better implementation of the World Heritage Convention in Africa through increased representation of African properties of Outstanding Universal Value on the World Heritage List
The Specific Objective on the other hand is to Strengthen the capacities of African Cultural and Natural heritage practitioners to, each year between 2018 and 2020, submit to the UNESCO World Heritage Centre at least 3 complete nomination dossiers that fully meet the requirements of the 1972 Convention’s Operational Guidelines.


Dr. Webber Ndoro, Director AWHF


Mr. Peter Dennis Okwaro, Director CHDA

Expected results
It is hoped that at the end of the program in early 2020:

  • At least 32 African Cultural and Natural heritage practitioners shall have acquired adequate skills to develop quality Nomination Dossiers
  • The number of completed Nomination Files that meet the Operational Guidelines, submitted by African State Parties shall have increased from a yearly average of less than 2 (2011-2015) to at least 3 in the period 2018-2020
  • The implementation of the World Heritage Convention by African States Parties shall have improved on the overall.

The program starts in September 2016 with the Tentative List Upstream Process: Survey and review of tentative lists and Advisory Bodies gap studies, to select a list of eligible sites that could be invited to be participants in the nomination courses. The questionnaires for the survey shall be sent out electronically to all technical offices/management authorities/focal points for the implementation of 1972 Convention. The results from the survey shall feed the next activity, which shall be the Technical Tentative Listing workshop to be held before the close of the year.
Other activities include four Nomination File development workshops, at least 16 in situ technical assistance missions and three programs evaluation meetings to assess the program, prepare publications and develop a way forward.