CHDA Partners with the Department of Culture to enhance capacity for the Safeguarding of ICH among Maasai Communities

CHDA Partners with the Department of Culture to enhance capacity for the Safeguarding of ICH among Maasai Communities
Between 29th Jan and 14th February 2018, the Department of Culture, of the Ministry of Sports, Culture and the Arts of the Government of Kenya and the Centre for Heritage Development in Africa (CHDA), working closely with the County Governments of Narok and Kajiado, as well as other stakeholders, undertook two-days’ capacity building workshops for the Maasai communities of the two Counties, on the safeguarding of their intangible cultural heritage.1
Discussions in workshop
The program, called “Workshop on capacity building on dissemination of knowledge & skills on the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage of the Maasai community”, was coordinated by Mr. George Litswa and Mr. Calistus Musiomi, assisted by Mrs. Margaret Mwachala,2



on behalf of the Department of Culture, working closely with senior staff of the Culture section of the two County Governments.
Resource persons for the two activities included Hon. Anami Lisamula, the former MP for Shinyalu constituency, who is also a former Director of the Department of Culture, Mr. Peter Dennis Okwaro, Director of CHDA, Dr. Kiprop Lagat, Director of the Department of Culture, Government of Kenya and Mr. Taiko Lemayian, The Executive Director, Kenya Community Based Tourism Network (KECOBAT).
Narok: Maasai traditional dance
The workshop in Narok took place between 29th and 30th January 2018, while the one for Kajiado was between 13th and 14th February 2018
Apart from representatives of the local communities, other stakeholders who attended included University lecturers from local Universities, as well as representatives of local NGOs working in the areas of culture, heritage and tourism.
Total attention by participants
The workshop looked at several issues related to the safeguarding of ICH, among them:
1. The meaning of safeguarding?
2. Key words in the 2003 Convention – ICH, Safeguarding (Urgent), awareness, enactment, forms of ICH, States Party, Community, endangered, inscription, participation, viability, ICH fund
3. ICH associated with the Maa community to be safeguarded & why it should be safeguarded.
4. Best practices on safeguarding ICH across the world.
5. The role of Gender and other stakeholders in the safeguarding ICH.
6. Community involvement in the safeguarding of ICH and the challenges involved.
7. Safeguarding ICH for Sustainable Development
Group-work during workshop Kajiado: Official opening by Dr. Kiprop Lagat,
CHDA takes this opportunity to thank the Department of Culture for inviting us to work with them on this program and hope to take this partnership into the future. We also thank the County Governments of Narok and Kajiado for their support and collaboration and most important, we thank the local Maasai communities for their contributions, friendship and sharing of knowledge.
Peter Dennis Okwaro
Director, CHDA.

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