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The Next Generation Programme

In our last newsletter (December 2017) we already announced the new programme The Next Generation.
In this newsletter, only dedicated to The Next Generation, we want to share more information about the programme and we are pleased to announce the first call within the programme (Call 2018).

‘The Next Generation’, a 3-year programme (2018 – 2020), designed to work with and for young people (now aged 15 – 30) worldwide through arts and culture. It aims to develop their talents and self-confidence, to break down stereotypes and prejudice and to foster openness to others.

Through this Open Call the Prince Claus Fund will support one-year initiatives by and for young people that inspire them to contribute to their societies in ways that make them more inclusive and accepting of differences.
The programme is designed to create safe spaces for young women and men where they can explore the possibilities of different stories or alternative narratives that allow them to imagine different ways of being.

The Next Generation Programme follows the ‘not about us without us’ principle. The programme relies on the meaningful participation of young people, working with them, utilising their talents and acknowledging their own potential irrespective of age, gender or background.
We encourage projects with and for young people by arts organisations (i.e. visual arts, photography, film-making, theatre, literature, digital media etc.), artistic collectives, creative hubs, artists and cultural practitioners. We especially support projects that stimulate young people to engage in some or all of the following focus points:

  • Developing a wide range of narratives about possible identities, particularly those censored or marginalised for political, religious, cultural, economic or other reasons.
  • Creating safe spaces where young artists, participants and audiences can safely explore and develop their identities.
  • Helping young women and men to creatively and confidently challenge restrictive gender-norms.

Photo Ghanaian Fans in Accra ©James Iroha Uchechukwu

The Next Generation Programme will offer safe spaces and facilitate alternative narratives and learning through exchange.

The ultimate goal of a peaceful, inclusive society, with opportunities for all requires:

  1. Space for cultural expression
  2. Alternative narratives
  3. Opportunities for exchange

The 2018 call for The Next Generation seeks proposals, which enable young people (ages 15-30) in countries eligible from Africa and the Middle East to explore, define and represent their identities through arts and culture in a project that lasts a maximum of one year.

Geographical Focus
Spread over the three years, the programme will support cultural activities in countries on the OECD’s DAC list. Please note that Dutch Foreign policy (who is the sole financier of the programme) excludes Lebanon, Palestinian Territories and Mali, according to the Letter to Parliament by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, of February 15th, 2017.

In 2019 a call is planned for the region Asia and in 2020 for the region Latin America.

Click here for all the documents regarding the call

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